New Media Literacies | Temple University | Fall 2011 | Professor Renee Hobbs

Produced by the students enrolled in Renee Hobbs' New Media Literacies class at Temple University, Fall 2011. Also see student writing on their WordPress blogs.


New Forms of Expression and Communication

Social Media Literacy in Modern Dissent Movements Conor Scharr

4chan: Anonymity & Freedom of Expression on the Internet Chloe Westman

Digital Media In Museums Final Project- Dan Magerr

Music Piracy - Seth Phillips

Radio and Literacy Final Project (Website) Luis Cruz

Twitter With Education Final Project- Robert Chaz Flores


Reddit and Popular Internet Memes - Rich Becker

How the Digital World is Affecting Music in the 21st Century - Seth Phillips

Digital Media, Culture and Society

Digital Music & Culture - Corey Abramson

How has Technology and the Internet Affected the General Attitude of College Students. Scott Stitzer

Twitter and Politics- Karen Fisher

Cyberbullying- Lorraine Childs

Philly's Digital Immigration- Kevin Hopkins

Digital Media and Learning

Bridging the Technology Gap Between Urban and Suburban Schools-- Keaton Nichols

Hip-Hop in the Classroom- Josh Widener

New Media-Based Language Learning-Haixia He

The Digital Divide in Gender and Education - Genevieve Gillespie

Twitter With Education-Robert Flores

Youtube in the Classroom-Jaleesa Jackson---final project

Hip-Hop In Today's Classroom -Ashley Blakeney

Children and Families Online

Parenting and Social Networking- Kaneisha Woods

Social Networking Sites and Kid's Privacy Bi-Hsuan Chien

Social Media and Parenting- Kaneisha Woods

Children and Mobile Meida- Marvin Flambert>>>>>>>Final Project Website

Strategies for non profit organizations Fred Staffieri

Learn more about process of doing college-level research here.
Explore to Find a Topic
DUE: October 15
FINDING QUESTIONS. Brainstorm to identify the most important questions
to examine in an inquiry.
Develop a Research Proposal
DUE: October 21
BEGIN THE JOURNEY. Build background knowledge about specific forms and types of .
Write a Precis
DUE: November 3
EVALUATE SOURCES. Compare and contrast two informational sources to discover how they are constructed and how they represent their subject.
Research Report 1
DUE: November 15
DEEPENING OUR QUESTIONS. Tackle more complex questions to explore particular issues of interest.
Research Report 2
DUE: November 22
SHARE WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED. Present ideas using print and multimedia to inform
different target audiences about your journey of exploration.
Final Presentation
DUE: December 1
Final Project Website
DUE: December 9