One local nonprofit that I researched is the CDC Partnership. It stands for the Community Development Corporation. A friend of mine, David Young, works for the CDC Partnership in West Philadelphia. The organizations main goal is to restore housing for those in need and to also make the community “greener”. Mr. Young was one of the people who helped build the greenhouse in the backyard of the CDC building. It is a separate project from the CDC that tries to grow food as cheaply and efficiently as possible through the use of hydroponic growing techniques. If it is successful enough, this could help to become the next major source of organic food for Philadelphia. If it succeeds on the small scale, they could be given more funding to make a larger growing facility.
The CDC has a website, however, it is fairly simple. It gives enough information about the organization, but it doesn’t have any links for donations. It states that its mission is “to build strong communities in West and Southwest Philadelphia through securing economic opportunities in the areas of affordable home-ownership, financial education, and commercial corridor revitalization”. They do have a facebook link as well as a link to other resources. It has a slide show of the volunteer group constructing the greenhouse. It is an informative website that can help anyone who views it learn more about what they are trying to do. The CDC is a relatively small organization at this point but they hope to grow with proper funding and continued community interest.


This photograph was taken shortly after the completion of the greenhouse project. As you can see, it is on the small scale at this point, but the members of the CDC greenhouse project soon hope that it will grow to a larger facility where they can produce more organic produce. They have also been working on a tilapia tank. I have not seen it yet, but I am told it is coming along very well.

Here is a link to the CDC's main website CDC Partnership

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