Is Quest to Learn School the Answer?
The Quest to Learn School is implementing something important into the collective mindset of American educators and game designers alike – that children must be and are, in fact, already being educated by their gaming technologies. However, I lack confidence that educators are qualified as of yet to implement these technologies into learning environments without potentially putting certain students at a disadvantage. Are they already to have completed sufficient research into the intricate, and often intense socio-cultural effects of gaming technologies – especially those whose origins lie in the entertainment industry? Some scholars have suggested that with new technologies emerging, coeducational learning environments are no longer suitable and that the technological gender divide has created a need for separate schooling experiences for different genders. However, that theory leaves no inclinations as to how a “coed” workforce would create together and understand one another. Many argue over whether this method would promote or demote gender equality.
It is obvious, however, through the research that has been conducted regarding the issue since the 1990’s, that females are still massively underrepresented in the wake of the digital information age and that gaming is not, but can be at the forefront of remedying that disservice.