Research Questions. I am Interested in learning more about the psychological and emotional effects that cyberbullying could bestow upon the youth. My interest in this topic developed during our library assignment but it has became more of a topic of interest to me rather than fulfilling the duty of completing an assignment. I am interested to understand why children bully and causes of the bullying may occur. I am interested in the secretes life of children's media use that allow them the freedom to emotional scar another.
I wonder. I wonder what psychology effects could occur from being cyberbullyed. I wonder why this is become the popular way to bully for youth. I wonder what the effect is on children being bullied. I wonder how many platforms are being used for bullying. I wonder if children take cyberbullying seriously and if they don't, why don't they take it seriously? I wonder what are the parents, as well as schools, doing to stop cyberbullying. I wonder how aware schools and parents are of their children cyberbullying or being cyberbullied.
My work plan. I will being doing online and library research as well as interviewing. I'm going to explore online videos of children, teachers, and parent talking about their personal experiences with cyberbullying. From there, look up some of the key ideas that the interviewees speak of. I would like to analysis the behavior of the children being bullied by researching some of the symptoms in psychological journals or books. I would like to interview a few teachers to get their understand of the topic and possible some children if they aren't to shy. I would like to look at children's social networking websites to see if there could be information. I also would like to have a better understand of the relationships between youth.
My expectations: I expect to learn how large this problem is and how far children will take cyberbullying. I except to learn would are some of the emotional issues that can occur from being cyberbullied. I except to learn what the emotional issues are of the people doing the cyberbullying. I except to have an idea of a way to stop cyberbullying by making people aware of the issue.

This is a great topic and I like the idea of doing interviewing teachers. You should check out children's websites like Club Penguin to begin to understand more about how children first use social media and what happens when they begin to interact socially in online environments. If you come to my office hours, I will share some data that we collected from 400 children in grades K -5 about "being mean online" and you can take a stab at reporting it in your own project....