Overview. Students share the new knowledge and expertise they have gained from the research process by developing a website that includes some multimedia support materials and doing a final presentation.


1. Paper. The website includes a 2000-word summary of the project, which is well-formulated and includes a (1) rationale, (2) a strategic connection to some core ideas explored in the course, (3) clearly stated research questions, (4) careful description of the project's approach to gathering information or research methodology, (5) a well-organized presentation of information, evidence and results, and (5) a thoughtful discussion of key findings which integrates the thesis statement with evidence from the research project and the course readings.
2. Multimedia. The website includes some originally-produced multimedia content (a video, screencast, podcast, slides, information graphics, or other visual material) that supports the your project's focus topic.
3. Presentation. On December 1, you'll make a final presentation to the class about your research topic. You'll use the format of a Pecha Kucha, which is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images forward automatically and you talk along to the images.

1. Your presentation informs the audience using a combination of well-chosen images and key ideas and information presented verbally.
2. You make a connection between your topic and some of the ideas explored in the course.
3. Your presentation meets the specifications of a Pecha Kucha and you post your slides on your Word Press blog.

1. The website offers your own original writing, using high-quality ideas and information that meet the specifications of the assignment.
2. The website is designed with the needs of the reader in mind: it is visually attractive, well-organized and credible.
3. You make effective use of hyperlinks and works cited to identify the sources of the information you gathered.
Please link your final project website to BOTH the homepage of our wikispaces page and as a final blog entry on your Wordpress blog.