Research Question

Is Hip-Hop considered to be a subject worth studying in today's classroom and if so, how? How can Hip-Hop intrigue students to learn about it that don't listen to it? I am interested in this topic because as time goes by, Hip-Hop is no longer just another genre of music, many people are considering it to be a culture worth studying in educational institues.

I Wonder

I wonder if once i began to research this question will I find that Hip-Hop is used to help students learn other subjects in school. I wonder if I will find that Hip-Hop is being taught in college classrooms. I wonder if the professors who teach courses on Hip-Hop have musical backgrounds. I wonder if Hip-Hop in the Classroom is a subject that students would be interested in taking if it was offered in their educational institution. I wonder if Australian Hip Hop was taught in the classroom, what form of media technology would be used, if any to support different ideas on the subject.

My Work Plan

This research for my project will be mainly done online, in journal articles, and books. I plan on using the different search tools on Temple's Library Homepage to began my research. To answer my question if students would be interested in a Hip-Hop course, I plan on taking multiple surveys with a variety of students with different backgrounds. In reading books and articles on Hip-Hop, I am going to try and find different topics that would possibly be brought up in a Hip-Hop course.

My Expectations

I expect to find the answer to my initial questions. I expect to find out if Hip-Hop is being taught in the classroom today. If I find that Hip-Hop is an actual subject in school, I expect to find out if the teachers and proffesors teaching it have some type of musical background. I expect to find out why a proffesor would choose to teach a Hip-Hop course and the benefits of the students taking it. Lastly, I expect to find out what type of digital media would be used in addition to books and other sources to teach this subject.

GREENLIGHTED. You must read the work of Marc Lamont Hill and other scholars who are exploring this topic and you must find out the opinions of those who are critical of this approach to using popular culture in the classroom. Please consider interviewing recent Temple BTMM graduate student and professional musician Osei Allyne about his experience teaching and using hip hop in the classroom.