Research Question: I want to learn more about the uses of social media when used with positive intentions specifically from an educational perspective. Can Twitter be used for educational purposes? Can instructors manipulate it to engage students in out of the classroom while strengthening the students' about to understand and manipulate today's mediums of media?

I Wonder: I wonder if twitter can be used in the classrooms since it is mostly used on smartphones. I wonder if twitter can be used for more than marketing and personal use. I wonder if twitter will be able to provide a motive for students to engage in the studies outside of the classroom.

My Work Plan: My research project will need online and library research to gain the maximum information I will need to make this project a success. I plan on researching Social Media and taking a close look at studies of Mediums of Media for educational purposes. This will help me understand how twitter can work in education by understanding what's already in use. Then gather as much information on twitter as possible since it is a new force but quickly taking over Social Networking. I will also interview students and instructors at different levels of education to see how they would feel about the idea of twitter and education working with each other in the classroom.

My Expectations: I expect to learn whether or not a social network like twitter can be manipulated for education.