Frederick Staffieri
Annotated Bibliography

  1. 1. Grobman, G (2008). The Pennsylvania non-profit handbook: everything you need to know to start and run your non profit organization. Harrisburg PA: White Hat Communications.
Summary: This is a good guide from the basics to the more advanced aspects of creating and running a successful non-profit organization.

2. Tsara, N. (2010). Marketing for a Non- Profit Organization. International Review on Public and Non- Profit Marketing, 7(1), 57-68

Summary: Basic information on how non-profits work. Non-profits rely on donation to sell their mission and to spread their message. This kind of basic info is useful for anyone who is interested in successful marketing of their non-profit.

3. Citation: Landesman, C, (95-11) Resources for non-profit organizations. Retrieved 10.13.2011 from www.

Summary: This website offers useful information as well as legal advice for non-profit organizations. I found it through Wikipedia where it was used as a reference. I am aware that it is difficult to trust webpages, but this is .org not .com. This means that they are not selling anything on their website, they are an organization. This website also requires that its users create an account. This allows the creators to make sure that its users are serious with their use.

4. Drucker, Peter (1989). What Business Can Learn from Nonprofits. Harvard Business Review

Summary: This is an article written in 1989 that has been published online recently. It goes into detail about how many people there are volunteering for non profit organizations. I thought this was a good quote from the article, “As a rule, nonprofits are more money-conscious than business enterprises are. They talk and worry about money much of the time because it is so hard to raise and because they always have so much less of it than they need”.

5. Applying for Exemption- difference between nonprofit and tax exempt status.

Summary: This is a one paragraph source but it is reliable because it clears up any misconceptions about the difference between nonprofit and tax exempt status. It is a reliable source because it is on the IRS webpage. It also shares a link for more information on tax exempt status.

These will be the primary sources for my information for this report. I will post more as I find them.