The Digital Gender Divide in Gaming Technologies and Education

Genevieve Gillespie
Temple University, BTMM Department
New Media Literacies, Fall 2011
Renee Hobbs

**Initial Questions and Plan**

**Precis of "The Digital Gender Divide: The Special Case of Gender" by Joel Cooper of Princeton University**

**Article Analysis**


**The Foundation of the Digital Gender Divide**
**Gaming in School**
**Social Contexts**
**Solutions to the Digital Gender Divide**

Genevieve Gillespie Work Cited

Hello Genevieve,

I read your final website and I thought it was very interesting. I like that you incorporated statistics throughout your project. I love that instead of having everything jumbled on one page, you took the time to separate each topic and give a thorough explanations. You talk about the other digital games that can be accessed on the computer, but I wanted to know if you have ever heard of a game called MyCountry. It is very similar to the games you discussed in your paper, and it allows you to create your own town. (Just a thought)!
I would have liked to see you do this project on WordPress, because I think creatively you could have done more with it. . I wish it would have been more eye catching. The pictures are great, but it is plain. I feel like I understand that females are underrepresented in the virtual world. Overall, great job! By the way, your conclusion is GREAT!